Ram Prasad Khanal
7 Ashwin, Tuesday
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Ram Prasad Khanal (Bio)

Ram Prasad Khanal is a Nepalese musician, distinguished class singer, and folk-music activist. He has worked for the growth and development of Nepali folk music for decades. He is an author, journalist, artist, actor, composer, and radio and TV program producer, director and presenter. He serves as President of the International Artists Forum. He has mainly been known for his Nepali folk and duet songs and his activism in the field of folk music. 

Khanal moved to the United States of America a decade ago and has been living there with his family since then. In the US, he is involved in different business activities. 

He started a program titled Lok Dohori, based on folk duet songs, on Nepal Television in 1998, which considerably promoted his fame in the field. This program not only popularized the Nepali folk and duet songs, but it also contributed profoundly to the renaissance of Nepali folk music. The folk movement that this program pushed throughout the country created a conducive environment in which many folk singers were born.

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