'Relation' - New Nepali Movie Trailer

Posted on: June 01, 2016

Footage shot in Kathmandu in 2015, is interspersed with previous footage filmed both in the majestic Himalayas (2010) and in the beautiful Portland Oregon USA (2011) to create a new movie. Relation is a story of humanities. A difficult existence in the foothills of the Himalayas is made more difficult by a local social gang of thugs led by "Sangle and Anjan". On the other had there is a Taekwondo sports leader, Master Diwakar. Diwakar always contributes positively to society and helpless people through Taekwondo. One day an American Traveler "Kristina" comes to the Village and meets Master Diwakar. The Nepali Taekwondo Master and the beautiful young black belt Taekwondo athlete from Portland, Oregon from USA together fight for the betterment of the society. During this time they discover greatness in each other and they fall in Love. They successfully remove the enemy of society. Diwakar and Kristina also bond together with their mutual notable attributes and positive values through marriage. Relation showcases the Nepali Culture and the physicality of Taekwondo, along with its moral values and reliance on the family unit.

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