Uday Sotang

Posted on: June 02, 2017

Uday Sotang is a popular musician and singer of nepal. He has written and composed more than 200 songs and give voice to them also. Uday Sotang is originally from Tukvar, near Darjiling india. He has started his musical career in 1988. He has got married to Manila Sotang who is also a popular singer. The husband-wife duo of Uday and Manila have produced more than 10 music albums. Their daughter Shreya Sotang is also a singer. Most of his songs have been rendered by his wife Manila Sotang.Uday Sotang is considered to be one of the popular and successful Nepali musicians. Hajar juni sama,Aadhi bato hidepachi, Yeti chokho yeti mitho, Chin chin mae  and many more are his most popular song. 

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